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I Must Change My Thinking...

I feel like I need to get myself out of this habit of thinking that creativity is a fleeting thing because it isn't. Creativity is always there. What makes a great artist is learning to tap into it even when you can't feel it. And its not about forcing it, its about inspiring your own creativity. Sometimes I make lists of different things I would like to shoot and then I shoot it and if it works then WONDERFUL. If it doesn't then it was still an experience and I'll come up with something else. Each time I point my camera it is a learning experience. Every time I open photoshop or lightroom it is a learning experience. I'm learning and I am finding my voice everyday.

Which brings me to another thought I have been having. Why do I continue to feel as though maybe simple portraits aren't good enough? Or that I am not gaining enough experience though standard portraits? That I need to be doing something over the top in order to amaze the audience? And with my fine art portraits, I feel like some of the concepts I come up with are repetitive or are too similar to other photographers. I need to change my thinking because, yes, maybe I come up with an idea that is similar to another photographers. Maybe its the same prop, or same concept, same costume or location. What I need to change is my thinking because, myself and whoever else, will never be able to shoot the same picture. Sure the concepts or the props are similar but what makes mine different is ME.

With my portraits, why must I feel like they aren't good enough? Because I didn't spend hours editing them? Or is it the fact i'm afraid that people can't appreciate the simplicity? I must change my thinking. Standard portraits are still art. Simplicity is still art. A blank wall is still art. What makes it art is your creativity. What you are able to see or what you can't see.

I must change my thinking. I can not be afraid to create something because I fear of how it will be perceived. My art is for me and for anyone else who looks at it and feels something in them begin to awaken. My art is for those who can relate. My art is for those who can empathize. Enough with the destructive thoughts. Enough with the limits. Enough with trying to stick to one 'genre' because I am me and I am a giant mess of different ideas, experiences, emotions and stories.

I'm continuing to find my voice every single day as long as I remember that I must change my thinking.

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